IPPY Award Gold  Medal Winner
Best Regional eBook
Independent Book Publishing Award

This remarkable collection of letters, kept true to the idiom and spelling of the various writers, takes readers into day-to-day events and concerns of the real-life characters.

Learn how the energetic and enterprising Sierra Nevada “Vade” Phillips established a mineral water spa in early Tahoe and her creative marketing techniques. You’ll never guess the slogan she used to turn water into profits!

Discover why Mehitable Jane Ball Phillips divorced her first husband in an era when divorces were few and far between.

Read about real life encounters with Native Americans and ….when Mehitable Jane awoke, there, looking in…were Indian heads… Mehitable Jane was very surprised. . . . Buy the book to find out what happens next!





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— There is no better way to understand history than through the words, thoughts, and emotions of those who lived it. What an interesting adventure with the Phillips family and their travels and travails.

— Through these letters, the colorful and adventurous personalities of these pioneers come alive for the reader. Getting to know them is a satisfying read.

— The unvarnished language and charming turns of phrase, such as "I am still on the face of the earth" and "[getting] robed in matrimonial majesty" take the reader to a time and place that was both simpler and more difficult. . . . The stories make one grateful to those who paved the way for current generations.

— It started with the discovery of a treasure trove of family letters that revealed a personal and intimate glimpse into life in America in the 19th and early 20th centuries.